Using Leadership Development to Promote Better Employee Engagement -
Using Leadership Development to Promote Better Employee Engagement

Written by Katy Goshtasbi

Posted on: January 28, 2019

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When I was a lawyer in corporate America, life became a slog. Looking back now, all I ever wanted was for my boss(es) to say something nice, to compliment me, to notice me and acknowledge my efforts. I know I would have been more engaged had any part of this happened for me. Leadership development is a very good tool to promote better employee engagement. Let’s discuss why.

From my expertise as a growth, change and brand consultant, every employee in any size business/organization could stand to be more productive. Why? Because they are not very engaged.

Employee engagement starts with the fundamental understanding of why each employee is doing what they are doing at work. If you don’t understand what your productivity does for the greater good and humanity (via your company), then why would anyone expect you to be motivated and productive? I write more on this topic in this blog post.

So, how can you, as the employer, promote better employee engagement?

I remember the day in 4th grade when I was asked to be a school crossing guard. My job was to stand there while the kids junior to me crossed the street from school in the afternoons. It was in that moment that I decided that I was a leader and that I had potential. I became all about safety and helping my junior classmates. In so many ways, that experience shaped and drove my level of engagement in my life and my productivity.

Leadership development is an amazing tool in promoting better employee engagement. In all my consulting contracts with organizations, I do a level of work with employees on leadership development. I do this same leadership development with the same management who hired me. Both management and employees have to be on the same leadership growth trajectory. Why? They can support one another, mentor one another AND everyone feels good about their roles and future potential.

Perhaps what leadership development does most though is that it allows employees to feel appreciation from their employer. If I, as an employee, believe that my boss(es) see enough value and potential in me to hire an outside consultant to grow me as a leader, then that alone motivates me. The result is that my engagement level has to increase, as does my productivity.

Think back to the last time someone in your life (personal or professional) either told you that you had some sort of leadership potential or tapped you with a leadership role. Girl Scouts, the football team, etc. How did it make you feel? How can you use that same feeling to move forward to both be a leader and support your employees as they grow into leaders? I guarantee this will drive employee engagement and productivity.

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