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You can benefit from my group programs whether you’re…

  • A corporation or organization wanting to put an entire team through my process
  • An individual looking for a group program that allows for networking and learning in a safe cohort
  • Seeking to develop your gifts and abilities with a supportive internal group of colleagues that leads to increased ease in your workflow, more satisfying relationships, and job satisfaction
  • Interested in Branding Bootcamp Support Circles as a means to increase mentorship at work in a nurturing atmosphere where you will connect with one another to get support, give support, and increase self-confidence

My group program guides you in unearthing who you are, defining it clearly, and learning to consistently put it out to the world with ease and grace. Bootcamp runs in various cities and online live. I am more than just a business coach. I guide you to discovering what makes you different and understanding how to magnify your natural talent for the world to see. We cover many of the same topics as the 1:1 program, in a group format – such as how to grow your business, techniques for employee motivation, and how to develop and leverage your natural talents. Download Outline of Curriculum Here


  • iconGroup Training
  • iconSafe Environment
  • iconNetwork with your same cohort
  • iconFeedback Focus Group Style


How can I, in a group setting online or in-person, have the support of other participants?
This is Katy’s specialty! Katy’s curriculum is set up to ensure that if you want it, you can have all the support of the other participants, online. This is done via exercises and collaborative dialogue. If you don’t want/need much support from the other participants/group, then Katy’s program is for you, also. She tailors the learning to cater to your needs and wants- to ensure you get exactly what works for you.

How can I get individualized attention to build my specific brand, if this course is in a group?
Included in your fee, you get ONE free hour, just you with Katy, to individualize the learning exactly for you and your branding goal. Katy suggests you take this hour sometime after the third month of bootcamp, but you get to decide.

How can I ensure what I share in the group remains confidential?
We have a strict confidentiality policy in all our group programs, otherwise the groups won’t work. Katy sets the stage for a safe, confidential atmosphere from the beginning and ensures constantly that all participants honor the confidentiality of the group. You will also never be singled out in the group, if you don’t want to share. Either way, your dialogue and conversations are safe!

What if I get stuck while doing the monthly self-work?
Great question! It’s common to experience hesitation as you grow and do the self-work. That’s how you know the program is working- you are changing and growing and expanding your boundaries- and that naturally comes with some slow starts. Katy is always guiding participants with this very natural part of the program. Just email or call her and she’ll walk you through that moment and you’ll hit the ground running again. Simple and easy.

How can I see the exact curriculum that’s covered?
You can view the entire program curriculum here: Branding Bootcamp Curriculum


Upcoming Bootcamps and Support Circles


Define your vision for your future, business, and personal life in our in-person Bootcamp.

Live in San Diego | TBD

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Define your vision for your future, business, and personal life in a digital real-time environment.

Live Online | TBD

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“A few days out from our last Bootcamp meeting, I just wanted to send a sincere thank you for your leadership and inspiration over the past 7 weeks. It’s really been an honor working with you and this incredible group… I’ve been reflecting on my personal growth and progress over the course of Bootcamp… I know Bootcamp would have added tremendous value to me at any point in my life, but I’m especially grateful that we found each other during quarantine. It certainly added a sense of structure, purpose, and motivation (not to mention fun!) to an otherwise uncertain time.”

– Caitlin Pohl