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Marianne Williamson 2020: “Harnessing Love Inside Us for Political Purpose”

Written by Katy Goshtasbi

Posted on: January 29, 2019

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marianne williamson,

It’s official. Marianne Williamson is running for President. I find it very exciting because it is different. Sure, she ran for Congress several years ago and lost. But that was then and this is now. That was before the tough political climate we find ourselves in today. That was when she was a rookie. Now she has learned some great lessons. What hasn’t changed is Marianne’s passion to be of service through love.

As a former lobbyist, I’m always looking for a breath of fresh air in politics. Why? I want people to be number 1 in our country. As a long-time Course In Miracles student, I’m always looking for people who can spread the wisdom in non-traditional areas—like politics.

As Marianne said in her formal announcement last night, she has the ability to see in a deeper way beyond the surface of things. This ability comes from her father who taught her to, “Don’t just look, really see”.

Having met Marianne for the first time last week, speaking with her and sitting next to her as she spoke to our audience, I could feel her passion and purpose. So much so, it brought me to tears. As I looked out over the audience from the raised platform on which we were both sitting, I could see why others were moved to tears as well.

Marianne & Katy 2019

Last night Marianne spoke words of truth for me again. Marianne said, “cynicism is an excuse for not helping”. So true. How often do we sit on the sidelines and judge, but not move to action? Perhaps we are afraid of our own possibilities.

Marianne also eloquently stated that she sees “large groups of desperate people as a national security risk” because they are susceptible to being prey. Very true indeed, in my opinion.

Perhaps the most moving, though, was Marianne’s ask of us all to study the issues and learn about the history of our country so that we can all spend this year talking about things that matter.

Agreed, Marianne. We all have responsibility for our lives. We should all take action in educating ourselves and communicating peacefully because this great country belongs to all of us.

Thanks, Marianne, for making us think once again and for being so brave and putting your love on the line once again.

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