Want to Increase Profits? 3 Ways to Increase Employee Productivity Today
Want to Increase Profits? 3 Ways to Increase Employee Productivity Today

Written by Katy Goshtasbi

Posted on: August 14, 2018

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I remember when I was a practicing lawyer in corporate America. It seems we were always talking about increasing profits. And we were never talking about the employees that were responsible for increasing those very same profits. Increasing employee productivity rarely crossed our minds, as a solution.


Fast forward 15 years and a second career and now I know the answer very clearly because I’ve heard many clients say so. No one wants to deal with the touchy feel stuff associated with making employees better and more productive. It’s much easier to keep focusing on left-brained linear, non-mushy metrics such as strategic plans and operating issues. The only way to increase profits regularly and grow your corporate brand is to focus and increase employee productivity. End of story.

Here are three simple ways to do so:

Natural Strengths – spend time developing each employee’s natural strengths and talents. This will take time and money and a good consultant. The results will pay for themselves 100-fold. I promise. When you have employees understand what they are good at doing and apply it to their roles in your organization, morale goes up and so must productivity.

Communications – oftentimes within organizations the communications is less than stellar. I find that everyone comes from a very passive stance. When people don’t communicate well, anger and hostility fester and grow and impact profits because employee morale drops. You must stop and objectively assess: a) how is your communication working out for your company? b) what can you fix? c) who do you hire to do so? This is definitely not something that can get fixed by your HR department. You need experts.

Rewards, Rewards, Rewards – make sure there is a group incentive program for people doing good- period. I’m not talking about bonuses, per se. I’m talking about putting in place measures for employees to be able to praise one another in the open– in groups. This allows for employees to connect with one another and support one another. Morale goes up, productivity goes up, profits go up. I promise.

All of this is simple, and not easy necessarily. I understand and I’m your biggest fan. Choose to see a new perspective by choosing to see things differently. I promise you can’t fail.

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