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Every organization needs to increase profits and market share. My corporate training focuses on culture, leadership, gender equality and marketing for growth.

For government, for-profit, or non-profit organizations seeking…

  • A wholistic and deliberate plan for growth
  • Gender equality
  • Better employee engagement and productivity
  • Leadership development

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I take audiences on a fun journey by inspiring, teaching and entertaining. Each presentation is unique and tailored to your audience’s needs.

Audiences of all sizes can benefit from my presentations, including…

  • Industry conferences
  • Corporate retreats
  • International audiences
  • Client appreciation events

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Bootcamp & Programs

My group program guides you in discovering and defining who you are, identifying your natural talents, and learning to market yourself with ease.

You can benefit from my group programs whether you’re…

  • A corporation or organization wanting to put an entire team through my process
  • An individual looking for a group program that allows for networking and learning in a safe cohort
  • Seeking to develop your gifts and abilities with a supportie internal group of olleagues that leads to increased ease in your work flow, more satisfying relationships, and job satisfaction
  • Interested in Branding Bootcamp Support Circles as a nurturing atmosphere where you will connect with one another to get support, give support, and increase self-confidence

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One-to-One Work

The transformation journey to a refined personal and professional brand is individualized and tailored to your specific needs and goals.

For those seeking an individualized, tailored journey, including…

  • Musicians
  • Leaders in growing organizations
  • Individuals looking for a new career or promotion
  • Anyone seeking less stress, more confidence & fulfillment

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    My Books

  • Personal Branding 101: Develop Your Personal Brand with Ease

  • Personal Branding in One Hour for Lawyers

  • Perfectly Unperfect: Giving Up Stress in Exchange for Self Healing

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Want to learn more about the Impact of Stress on Self Confidence and Your Brand?
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