Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Have A Consistent Brand as A Musician
Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Have A Consistent Brand as A Musician

Written by Katy Goshtasbi

Posted on: July 8, 2020

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Consistency is everything in capturing and growing your audience, especially as an artist and musician. Let’s look at the top three reasons why.
An ability to draw a diverse fan base is great- if it’s deliberate. A diverse fan base doesn’t always signal brand inconsistency. Often, though, diverse fan bases form when an artist doesn’t have a consistent brand. The general result is the artist has less impact on his fan base and less impact with his talent.
Note, consistency does NOT mean being predictable, boring, or going against who you really are as a human. Consistency also does not mean catering to others and losing your ability to self-express. So often, I find artists struggling against their record labels for the right to be themselves. As the intermediary, I encourage us to be on the same page because we have the same goals- to serve the fan base and entertain.
I blogged, seven years ago, about Adam Lambert after I was inspired by attending his concert for the first time. The flurry and eagerness of all the Glambert input on my blog was enlightening and amazing. Adam read my blog post, too. I blogged about the diverse fan base I witnessed. Something seemed like it could be improved to create an even better experience for all the Glamberts… I couldn’t put my finger on it until years later, though.
For seven years, I’ve been keeping my eye on Adam and his career. The partnership between Adam and Queen works so well. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I love Freddy Mercury (we share the same religion) and his talent. Maybe it’s because Adam’s brand and the Queen brand resonate on so many levels.
I’ve always been a fan of artists who are genuine, can move me to resonate higher and have an amazing talent. Adam and his voice are special. His range is impressive, and his stage presence and dialogue with his audience is sheer talent and love.
One Glambert described the impact well, “it’s as if there’s an audience ripple effect of peace and love and joy that occurs when he sings.” Music has the ability to move the masses and inspire us all to greatness in our own way. Adam demonstrates this so well.
Yet, there’s still somewhat of an inconsistency coming from Adam’s brand, in my expert opinion. It’s almost like a vibe I get.

Why have a consistent brand?

  1. So fans can relate and find you easily! If you’re consistent, I know what to expect. I can trust you. If I trust you, I feel safe and show up more and more. I find my fellow fans in the process, and I feel connected to more of my tribe. The experience is beautiful for all fans.
  2. So you grow as an artist even more! Knowing who you are allows you to produce material that is consistent with your ethos and purpose.
  3. So you can market joy easier! As one fan commented seven years ago to my Adam Lambert blog post, “I can’t wait for someone to figure out how to brand/market genuine joy in the display of remarkable talent.” Amen. Brands that raise my vibe closer to joy win. Branding with joy is the only way to market and sell anything. Music is no exception.

How can you have a more consistent brand?
Figure out who you are 1) as a human and 2) as an artist. The two should always coincide. Neither is more important than the other. You take your human with you to all your shows. Your fans love your human.
Figuring out who you really are is often a deep excavation process. It can hurt. It can sting. I say this from many years of unearthing and excavating the real me. It’s intentional and has huge rewards!
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