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Personal Branding Case Study: Adam Lambert

Written by Katy Goshtasbi

Posted on: July 8, 2013

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I recently attended a concert by Adam Lambert. For those of you who need a refresher, Adam is the San Diego native who came in second place on American Idol, Season 8.  Some would say looking back he really should have won and has had a more impactful career than the actual Season 8 winner.

The concert was fantastic- fast, fun, funny with a quality vocal performance by Adam and band.  No one could possibly have been disappointed by the hometown boy who kindly displayed his loyalty and appreciation to San Diego.

Putting on my personal branding expert hat, I was baffled as I looked around the fan base during the concert.  After the Michael Buble’ concert a few years ago, I never thought I could be more baffled.  However, I was.

Adam’s audience was loud, wild and ….very varied. So varied that my husband even noticed and commented.   All of this made me think what kind of personal brand appeal would attract this audience and why? At first I thought it may have something to do with the venue being the fairgrounds. I quickly dismissed that notion.

Besides the expected young, gay men and heterosexual women in their early twenties, let me give you a sampling:

–  Behind us sat three, thirteen year old girls who were clearly unaware of Adam’s sexual orientation.  Not only did they scream (constantly and at the top of their lungs.  Translation: deafening) “I love you, Adam”, but at some point when he took off his jacket, they screamed, “take it all off!”  We chuckled.

-The row in front of us had five fans who were easily between the ages fifty-five to sixty-five.  They were dancing, taking pictures and even pulled up Adam’s Facebook page on their phones during the concert.  One of them even had a backpack with the name of a monastery on it….

– Next to us on one side sat a mother (forty-five years and above) and daughter (nineteen).  They claimed they LOVED LOVED LOVED Adam and this was the second (of many more) time they had seen him in concert.  I think the mother loved him more than her daughter did.

-On the other side of us was an African-American man with dreadlocks, a happy toothless smile, and cowboy boots.  He was there with his blond hair, blue-eyed wife.  Both were in their early sixties, I would guess.

So how is it possible that Adam Lambert has this varied of a personal brand appeal?  Leaves the rest of us envious and wanting to do the same with our personal and business brands, I would say.

Well, I would venture it has something to do with the playlist.  Not only did he sing all his popular songs, but he sang (and brought in very real, touching commentary about) songs from Tears for Fears, Hendrix, Bob Marley, and Queen.  With this varied and exciting playlist, it is easy to see how he captured such a varied audience.

However, the main reason I think he has such a great personal brand is because of his presence on stage.  Adam’s dialogue with his audience coupled with his nonverbal communication seemed genuine, thankful, gracious (he tried his hand at comedy and readily admitted he was not a comedian), humble, and get ready for it- JOYFUL!  And let’s not forget the semi-regular streaker/fan he has.  Yes, she was back.  He even handled her with grace, asking the cops not to arrest her.

So next time you go to a concert, look at the singer and see what about his/her personal brand works for you and what doesn’t. How can you adapt your personal brand based on what you saw and felt?



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55 thoughts on “Personal Branding Case Study: Adam Lambert

  1. it is the MAN far and above that amazing voice and stage presence. He defends his fans all the time, communicates with us on Twitter [yes it is REALLY him],. Every interviewer and person who has worked with him for the first time all say the same thing “That Adam Lambert is the nicest guy I have ever met, he’s a really great guy” or something to that effect. This is why his fandom is so diverse, add to that drop-dead gorgeous and how can you not love him?

    1. Great points, Camille. I totally agree. In the personal branding world, I always say that people buy our uniqueness before they ever buy our product, service, or voice- in this case. I’d love to get on Adam’s team- I’ve got some great new ideas to increase his reach and brand appeal even more!

  2. Hello Katy,
    Interesting post on Adam Lambert! I bet some of the people around you were Glamberts – serious fans who have followed him since AI. Some of Adam’s most endearing characteristics are his honesty and forthrightness. And, yes, his joyfulness. His mother once said when he was a kid he was like sunshine. Fans love him because he is an amazing human being, he is funny, intelligent, articulate, genuine, never disrespectful, and above all has one of the greatest voices outside of opera in the world. Plus he has been saddled by the media with being a gay icon – not something he ever wanted to be – and has most graciously taken up the challenge. Unfortunately, that cause has also created a bit of a barrier for him – American radio pretty much ignores him, and there has been word that one or more of the major radio corporations has quietly banned his music. Nonetheless, the rest of the world loves him for his gorgeous voice and because he’s a damn fine person!
    If I had to sum up his ‘personal brand’ in two words , it would be ‘smart and gracious’. That’s a rarity in the celeb world. I wonder if he has ever thought about his personal brand or if the record company has ever mentioned it. It would be interesting to ask him.
    Oh and you mustn’t forget that he is a fabulous dresser!

    1. Thanks for the comment. I agree that “smart” and “gracious” are two good personal branding adjectives for him. I’d love to follow up on your question regarding checking in with his record company/him regarding his personal brand. I have some fantastic ideas for him! Let me know if you have any other thoughts on this.

  3. Hi Katy, I enjoyed reading your analysis of Adam’s ‘brand’. It was very interesting. I personally think Adam’s broad appeal is less about the music and more about his message. Adam has built his legacy based upon a few simple principles (not so different than things we were all taught in kindergarten) love yourself, love others, don’t discriminate, be proud of who you are. Adam appreciates the diversity in his audiences and has often commented about it and while I’m sure he’s had words like ‘demographics’ and ‘brand’ laid down in front of him behind the boardroom doors I really don’t think he cares to consider these things boiled down to some statistics on a chart. Adam’s brain just doesn’t work that way. I will say his open and happy personality, amazing vocals and fun, upbeat music does have mass appeal. He gives a lot of people hope and there’s no age limit on people needing hope. Having recently attended my 6th Adam concert in Orlando with my daughter (it was her 4th) I can attest to the fact that the diversity in audience was thriving there as well. I’m 50 and my daughter is 22. I am the bigger fan but Adam’s music is something we both enjoy and is something that my daughter and I can enjoy together 🙂 Quite simply put, Adam brings people together and this is why you saw such a diverse crowd at his show 🙂

  4. very interesting article and I like your thoughts and at first thought you missed the point that he came to be known through TV, a TV show that was a national family show and so reached people of all ages. But actually as a fan of the show I went to a few of the Idol concerts and only Adams year was diverse, VERY diverse. I went to another of his own shows and ditto. He is sheer talent and charisma and yes it draws a lot of people.

    HOWEVER, it also creates a marketing problem for his label I think, he can sing anything so what to focus on? People who are more limited in their abilities seem more easily to “fit” into a box to market, can someone really be all things to all people? I dont know.

    and PS those young girs DO know his orientation I bet, they just dont care, which is great 🙂

    thanks for the article, glad you enjoyed the show

    1. Lisa! You hit the branding/target market nail on the head. In personal branding we teach that if your reach is too broad, you can run into marketing problems. We teach “clarity” and “consistency” in personal brand management. Do you clearly know who you are and can you communicate it consistently to your audience. I have some ideas for Adam in this area. Too much to type. Adam and Adam’s people- call me. I want to contribute to the Adam personal brand so your Glamberts enjoy you even more!

      1. I have observed ( as so many others have ) that yes, Adam’s huge multifaceted talent makes it more difficult to guide him into a box that is easily accepted by a certain group for strategic marketing (especially on radio). AND THANK GOODNESS – I LOVE IT !
        On a personal level I feel that instead of making Adam fit into anything, I hope he changes how the audience consumes…instead of being hammered into a genre or have his edges chipped away to fit what is already defined -I hope he raises the consumer’s expectations and kicks the bar UP UP UP and redefines the quality of music and vocals offered as the ‘norm’. My hope is that the music industry becomes more interested in creating a market for those who can actually sing… and that society and culture shift to embrace the NEW definition – much like other visionaries (such as Steve Jobs) changed how we consume – Adam has certainly raised my expectations… once Adam nails a song… he owns it and there are way too of those many to mention – but one that comes to mind is Queen’s “Who Wants To Live Forever” – OMG there is no other version anymore.

      2. The reality of marketing complexity for Adam, is that he is every changing. You aren’t going to smoosh him into any clear box of branding Adam outside the fact that he is gorgeous, sweet, has a hell of a voice, is honest and forthright (overtly but sweetly so) and loves fashion. As his fans, we absolutely love knowing that tomorrow he will change – his hair, his music, his mix of genre’s, the covers he chooses, the level of sexuality expressed, the clothes he wears, the vibe he is going for (rock, pop, sweet, sexy, clean cut, hard core, etc.) and you just never know what he is going to say! He is absolutely never boring!!! He is hinself joyful and he gives us great joy!!

        1. Hi Jana, Great points. In personal branding I teach that everyone needs to be able to emotionally move us to joy or else we don’t connect with them and “buy” them/their services. You just explained so well why Adam’s personal brand works for you- he exudes joy and gives it to you. Thank you!

    2. I’m not a marketing person but I don’t understand why Adams diversity is such a problem, I see it as one of his biggest strengths. I can’t see why that can’t be the thing to capitalize on.
      I do get a bit frustrated at the big emphasis on teenage fans, as if the older fans, particularly older female fans, are worthless commercially. In my experience those teenagers who follow Adam aren’t the least bit put off by Adams older fans, and appreciate that we have been there, done that and know what we’re talking about.
      And many of us have deep pockets too.

  5. HI Puris, first let me say.. I am a ‘day one’ Adam fan….next let me say I am a graphic artist and the concept of ‘branding’ and Adam as a case study has crossed my mind several times. Mostly because of my observations of the fan instigated (unchoreographed – yet synchronous) momentum I have watched since early 2009.
    I would have to add some challenge to your theory that it is the set list. I believe the set list is practically the last reason you see such a varied crowd at Adam concerts. And, there have been ponderings about the lure of Adam Lambert written from the moment he ‘flipped people’s switch’ on national television.
    I see that Adam’s evolution was very organic in the beginning – but he has proved to be a champ at harnessing the positive and turning the negative around – and besides the ‘it factor’ Adam has inspired so many by openly being himself – a quality (I believe) many admire and aspire to.
    There are thousands of examples of how Adam has managed to bring groups of diverse minded folks together in a joyful experience of music and more…. One example would be the young DJ Liam McEwan (now 17) from New Zealand. He just got voted a Shorty Award. Liam has connected 10s of thousands of Adam fans every Saturday with his FleaFM radio Adam Lambert hour. What an inspiring example of all ages, all over the world listening, tweeting, and interacting at the same time – loving Liam, loving Adam. It’s all such a GOOD THING!
    Adam Lambert is a phenomena…at least for those who ‘see’ it – those who ‘get’ it – and those who ‘feel’ it – and one of the most exciting things for a Glambert is when that joy is noticed or shared with someone new. Welcome to the world of Adam.

  6. Interesting observations.I saw Adam at the MGM Grand at Foxwoods three years ago and noticed a varied audience there also.I’ve been to many concerts,but this one was different.,it was electric ,the music was playing people were dancing ,singing and laughing having an absolute blast waiting for Adam to come on.The vibe was something I’ve never felt at any other concert.As the lights dimmed,the roar of the crowd was deafening,his connection with the audience was immediate,he had us in the palm of his hand in an instant.His stage presence and vocals mesmerized an audience of 4,000 for an hour and a half.There was a guard standing by me ,he said & I quote “in all my years here I’ve never seen a more exciting show “

  7. I enjoyed your thoughts but have to add my perspective, having been on the Adam bandwagon since his Idol audition. First of all, of course, is his talent, but his performance skills and personality are not to be ignored. Never in 4 years has Adam not been gracious, articulate, intelligent, humble, and hilarious. He responds to each interviewer in a way that is appropriate to age and situation, no matter if it a 17 yr old, nervous Japanese girl or a veteran entertainment reporter. Everyone comes away tweeting about his charm and humility. The concert covers are always fun, but watching Adam perform ANYTHiNG is what it’s all about. After 12concerts, including San Diego and AT&T, I can say that each show has it’s own vibe but every single one is filled with fun, joy, comraderie. What’s not to love?

  8. Like many “Glamberts” I first became interested in Adam by his remarkable voice and his ability to interpret a song with a new twist and an emotional genuineness. I became a passionate fan when I started to learn about the man. He has a reputation not only of being a great singer, but of being the nicest guy in show business and throughly professional. He greatly appreciates his fans and constantly talks about how wonderful and supportive they are. Yes, they are diverse, and Adam is all about diversity and acceptance. He is gracious with fans from 6 – 86, black/white, gay/straight, male/female, fashion-model gorgeous/quirky/frumpy/small/x-tra large; he makes each one he meets feel special. He shares himself with his fans and the public, talking openly about growing up feeling different, ostracized, and awkward — something that resonates with many of his fans. He is a role model for finding yourself and embracing your uniqueness with courage and pride while remaining humble and appreciative. Add to that his work with various charities and organizations helping youth, and he is an impressive individual.I don’t know how you brand and sell that, but hope that someone figures it out because here is a genuine, talented artist I would be happy and proud for my kids to follow.

  9. I think you hit it on the head. I do have to take issue though with one of your points, the one about the 13 year old girls. I’m sure they know Adam is gay. Doesn’t matter if he’s gay. He oozes sex appeal out of every pore. It surprises me that so many don’t “get” that. Adam is sexy. Sexy is sexy!

    1. @PattiH I do agree with your comment. I had to chuckle when reading the delightful description of the 13 year old girls….but their being “clearly unaware of Adam’s sexual orientation” is certainly not in evidence by their behavior or comments. Adam’s young fans are usually fully aware of his being gay and I have heard those identical words uttered and accompanied by way too loud screams and squeals by many an adult fan who is fully aware indeed. And don’t we all when caught up in the moment want Adam to “take it all off” ? lol

      Altho I confess to being a fan of Adam’s initially because of his voice and talent, and this will always be uppermost, I still find myself becoming a young teenage girl when watching Adam perform live….it’s difficult not to get completely swept up in the moment exactly as the young girls did…lol 😉

      1. and I have to add to my comment that a big part of my attraction to Adam and my being a devoted fan is also predicated on who he is as a person. As many have said here much better than I can so much of his attraction is due to who he is as a person and his values. I would love for my son to be very much like him……that would make me very happy indeed.. 😉

  10. Adam’s audience is always widely diverse. I suspect that this is not only due to his extreme talent but also because of his freedom of expression through song and performance, as well as his encouragement to others to be who they are and find joy in it.

  11. It’s always nice to see a new perspective on someone being amazed by Adam, but this one is also bothers me just a bit. It seems to imply that his ability to attract such a diverse audience can be credited to some gimmick. As if anyone could do the same if only they could identify and duplicate the gimmick.
    If you were at a concert and actually watching him and listening to him sing you may have noticed that his vocal talent is extraordinary. He can do things with his voice that mere mortals cannot duplicate. His voice has a huge range combined with flawless tone, breath control, timbre, and innate musicality. In fact many hours have been devoted to analyzing the nuances of his vocal skill and technique. His showmanship has been honed through years of performance experience but still he is himself, on or offstage, not some contrived persona created to attract a following. And he encourages his fans to be themselves as well, both by the words he says and by the example he sets. No, it doesn’t hurt that he’s drop dead gorgeous, but that’s not what made fans out us.
    I would wager a month’s salary that those screaming 13 year olds behind you were actually completely aware of his sexual orientation but it didn’t matter. They love him for it – not in spite of it. I’ve seen him live 5 times and every audience includes the very young and the very old, gay, straight, trans and bi. They also cross ethnic, economic and educational strata. I could add dozens more examples to the audience members, many of whom will touch your heart if you let them. One of my favorite people I ever met while waiting in line for the doors to open was a thirty something mother bringing her 14 year old gay son to his first concert.
    I do hope at some point you set aside your professional analytical side long enough to forget about his effective “personal brand” and let yourself just enjoy the experience of an amazing entertainer.

    1. Well said. I apologize if I somehow miscommunicated that I thought a gimmick was involved. In personal brand management, as I teach it, that’s a no-no. You have to be genuine and that means NO gimmick. Gimmicks are not something that you can replicate with heart and talent. As for my professional analytical side, good point. I went to see an amazing entertainer when I went to his concert. Once I got to the concert, my professional personal branding radar went wild because I noticed all the diversity and the incredible energy. I couldn’t help but blog about a good personal brand that was genuine in hopes that others would appreciate Adam and learn from him, too!

  12. Try going to the website for a few days to increase your knowledge as to what Adam’s appeal is to his fans.

  13. Great article, thanks! I was in San Diego too and loved every minute of it!!! I fell in love with Adam during season8 of American Idol because of his voice, his stage presence, and his unique interpretation of songs. I am a bigger fan now than ever before. In addition to the fact that I consider him one of the biggest talents in music today, he is honest, humble, humorous, witty, fearless, and he has integrity. The cherry on top are his looks and his sex appeal. He’s the whole package for me.

  14. Beyond Adam’s incredible voice that can sing any style and genre, he has that undefinable thing called ‘Charisma’. The dichotomy of fierce rock star and giggly boy that pulls you in from your first view of him. He is honest, forthright, kind, tolerant, strong, a bit innocent, funny, loyal, childlike, goofy, and gorgeous with an extra dose of freckles and red haired little boy that makes you want more. Makes you want to know what’s Underneath. Makes you defend him when he’s attacked and stand in awe when he is on stage. He is Pied Piper Personified.

  15. Great article! I think Adam has expressed his goal in regard to his audience in most every concert and many… interviews. It is about love, acceptance and “we can ALL party together” no matter if your man, woman, gay, straight, black, white, religious, not religious etc… and I think his actions back up this message.

    It is hard not to feel included as part of this man’s world and have an instant felling of belonging with audience members when you attend his concerts. Many people have formed lasting friendships and online communities that travel outside of the internet zone to meet and socialize, above and beyond just the concerts. He has created a community in this regard. And many people who feel alone or mis-undersood have spoken about how Adam’s message about we are all valuable, has saved their life – his outreach to troubled teens, for example.

    He is the match on that “inclusiveness” fire… and it transcends his concerts. I just wish he would get more respect from the US mainstream Powers that Be who seem to have a thumb on him for whatever reason, which is not what this post is about – that would take another book and I hope someday a researcher/writer will do a thesis on this subject (Why is he embraced in the mainstream, for example in Japan, China etc yet shunned here in his homeland)…

    I think his brand is the message: “Acceptance” and love for all…

  16. I’ve been following Adam since his Idol days. Depending on a fan’s demographic, I think he brings out different responses: 1) to mother and protect him, 2) to have sex with him (no matter what your orientation you can dream), 3) to hang out with him like he’s a cool best friend, 4) to respond to his intelligence and generosity like he’s a mentor, 5) to just enjoy his talent. Not everyone can meet so many roles and do it with authenticity, humor, and kindness. I think because of his diversity, his climb will be slow, but steady, as long as those that control the money back him.

  17. You never mentioned his voice!? His voice is what makes you pay attention.

    And by the way, I assure you those 13 year olds knew very well that he is gay.

    1. Hi Karen,

      I’m so sorry if I miscommunicated because I certainly meant to say (or thought I did!) his voice is fabulous. In my world, that’s a given. But you are right. And yes, enough of you have mentioned the 13 year old girls knowing he is gay. I agree!!

  18. I bet the girls who yelled “take it off” we’re well aware that he’s gay. The fan base knows this, and it doesn’t matter. Sexy is sexy!

    1. Well said. I have been schooled by all the fan comments on this really interesting point. Thanks for the education, Glamberts!

  19. As others have said it is who he is as a person that attracts such diversity. He is very open, humble, gracious and accepting. The messages he puts into the world are largely about accepting ourselves and each other, so around him has developed a group of fans that also strongly believe in love and acceptance. Glamberts are incredibly diverse across all areas, but are also a very cohesive and loving group and great friendships have formed among people that may otherwise never have met. It is a truly interesting phenomenon.

    1. For me, the most fascinating aspect of being an Adam Lambert fan is the world of Glamberts. Maybe it’s because at the start, many of us were mature women with the ability to travel. But I wonder if there is any other fan base around the world in which friendships, links, shared accommodation, helpfulness in anything from sharing photos to providing a ride has or is taking place. This brings me to Adam’s message, one of inclusiveness, kindness and love. He spreads it and we absorb it and pass it on. That is the phenomena of Adam.

  20. I too enjoyed your article, and i agree with every comment, and will not say the same things over again, but will add i have been to hundreds of concerts in my 52 years and have never seen anyone that performs live as well as Adam does, you are mesmerized by his very presence as soon as he hits the stage, i have seen him many times and never even notice the others on stage, and if 5 years ago someone would tell me i would be so connected to an artist like i am Adam i would have laughed at them, i cant get enough of him whether it be songs, articles, pictures, tweets etc, my kids dont get it lol but i have taught all my grandkids to be Glamberts since day 1 lol

    1. Hi Darlene. Fantastic personal brand feedback on Adam. At age 52, why do you think it is, specifically, that you connect so well to a male singer many years your junior and so different from you (initially, at least)? More details would be so helpful to Adam in building an bigger and better intentional personal brand so that he can connect and touch more of us.

  21. Its because Adam is Adam, what you see is what you get. Just be you, because nobody does it better.

    1. So true, yet so many of us try to be someone else because we find being ourselves is not good enough. Glad to see someone in the public spotlight teaches this lesson so well to such a varied target market/audience.

  22. From all I’ve seen of him, Adam Lambert simply has a pure and radiant heart. He exudes honesty and open-hearted validation to every person who comes into his orbit, and demonstrates fierce individuality while never elevating himself above others. His inner light matches his outward energy, talent and beauty. I’ve seen him in person several times, which has only reinforced my opinion. People respond to him because he meets everyone on common ground. He’s genuine.

    1. Sharon,

      You just described the ideal personal brand for everyone. This is exactly what we try to teach clients- be genuine, honest, and be your individual self while taking into account the one-ness of humanity. We are all drawn to strong personal brands that give off this energy and vitality. We all have it in us. We just need to find it. So happy to see that so many of Adam’s fans “get” this concept so well about him.


  23. Thank you for this fun article! You mentioned most of the reasons Adam’s fan are so captivated, starting of course with his voice. But I have to admit that where Adam is concerned answering “How can you adapt your personal brand based on what you saw and felt?” would indeed be difficult. Adam is the perfect package – he has it all. Impossible to truly adapt real perfection into one’s own branding and actually appeal to such a diverse consumer….trying to do so might open ones self to failure or at minimum disappointment. 😉

  24. great article. thanks. i agree with all the comments. may i suggest that you send a tweet to his publicist, @shoshannastone about your branding thoughts.

  25. It seems a bit strange to me to think of what Adam has as a ‘Brand’ although I know you don’t mean that in a bad way. To me it’s just Adam, it’s just how he is and apparently how he always has been. I think he has an innate genius with social skills in the same was some people have with maths and science, quite apart from his genius with singing and performance which is massive.
    I can tell you that he has pretty much managed to supersede my long standing obsession with Iron Maiden which had been in place since I was 16 in 1983, which is as much a shock to me as it was to everyone who knows me. That also lasted such a long time because I respect them as people as well as musicians.
    I have followed many talented people in the past, but I could never follow anyone with the devotion I have for him if I couldn’t respect them as a person. Often talented people turn out to be a disappointment as human beings, but not so Adam. He has used his celebrity to do as much good in the world as he possibly can, and he never flashes his wealth around or has ‘People’ to do his dirty work. He shops for himself and does all those ordinary things. His Dad tweeted a couple of Thanksgivings ago when Adam was making Trespassing “Mr Executive Producer is putting his clothes in the drier” And that is just the typical thing that happens.
    Sometimes we are told that we have a bad reputation for defending him too ferociously, But why shouldn’t we? Why should we be expected to just sit back and let people throw accusations and insults for no good reason? I think they just don’t like it that we win the arguments and spoil their fun. Bullies should never win.

    1. All good points. In my humble expert opinion, I see any celebrity as a “brand” as a way for those of us not in the spotlight to learn about ourselves, our uniqueness and our own story- thus our brand. It inspires confidence and helps us all shine, spotlight or not. Make sense?

  26. Adam lives a quote from his favourite stage show, “Rocky Horror Show” “Don’t Dream it, BE IT.”. He inspires people to dream and to be proud of their dreams.

  27. I have loved Adam from the first time he appeared on Idol, and when he did an Elvis song, everyone swooned. You’re right — he has something for everyone and can attract across age and race – star quality

  28. Quote from a blog…
    “I agree with you… that RCA has a marketing problem. My niece and a girlfriend went to the Universal concert last month. They are both marketing majors and her friend is taking an advanced marketing class this summer. It was niece’s fifth Adam concert and friend’s first. While waiting for the show to start, they called me. My niece commented, “Well, it’s a usual Adam crowd — totally diverse and undefinable.” Her friend then said, “I’ve never been to a concert like this, with a guy with a rainbow mohawk on my left and a grandma in an ECV on my right. And everything in between. How the heck do you market to a fanbase like that? There is no easy way “in” to a diverse population like this because finding out what they have in common besides Adam — how do you do that? Maybe total promo saturation of the market to reach them?” She said she was going to ask her prof. The prof told her it was a really provocative dilemma for marketers and she is now working on that topic as her research paper for that class.”

    Okay, NOT my story–but–oh, wait…IT IS!

    I’ve seen Adam live numerous times, all over the US/Canada and have seen this diversity every single time. So I can’t wait for someone to figure out how to brand/market genuine joy in the display of remarkable talent–because that is key to Adam–to what brings such diverse groups together. Buying a ticket to see Adam live is investing in joy!

  29. When I wrote the book about how Adam Lambert lost during Season 8 of American Idol due to AT&T assisted power texting in Conway, Arkansas that produced about 30 million votes I devoted half of the book to evaluating marketing data that proved that at no time was Kris Allen ever as popular as Adam Lambert and therefore could not have won a fair contest. Adam was at least 5 times more popular than Allen in every measurable way and in many ways was more popular than the other top 9 combined. To me it is not a mystery as to why Adam attracts a diverse audience. I witnessed the recent Orlando concert that was the most attended of this years Universal Concert Series and saw the diversity. I believe that the ability to attract such a diverse crowd can be explained simply. Adam Lambert is a huge talent. He is the voice of this generation. He is lavishly packaged in 6’1″ of strutting, sexy, gorgeous, Alpha male. Top that with the fact that he is personable, humble and intelligent. Adam Lambert needs no gimmicks. He is authentic. A man as talented, intelligent and attractive as Adam is a common denominator for a very large subset of interest and appeal. To me there is no mystery. Adam Lambert is his own unique brand. Like Elvis, Jackson and others, it is their unique quality that sets them apart.

    1. Hi Kerry,

      I appreciate the brand feedback. I agree completely- a genuine brand never needs gimmicks. Quality speaks (and sings) for itself. I appreciate your research for the book. Got time to talk about it? If so, please email me and we can set up a time to talk.



  30. Kathy, you were asking why a woman of 52 would be interested in a performer like Adam. How about someone almost 72? I was 13 at the dawn of rock n roll, being enraptured by a charismatic singer named Elvis. It has totally coloured my view of all pop culture for the past sixty years, mainly my musical tastes. At first I followed Idol because I love ‘kids’, being a retired teacher. But Adam had a certain something which attracted me from his first audition.

    It was exciting to look forward to each week, to see what he would do with his song choice! Then getting to know him as a person, his fine character, his charm, sexiness etc was an exciting journey. Why are we attracted to him at our age? Why not, I say! We do not age inside, our emotions remain constant throughout our lives. For myself, I sometimes view him as a cool friend, maybe my son, or even my possible lover (one can dream). That is the attraction of Adam Lambert!

    1. I love your commentary. Great comments regarding Adam’s brand as it applies to various age groups and heart space. I agree that at any age be vibrant and have our artists that we love!

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