Building Self-Confidence to Overcome More Than Just Stage Fright
Building Self-Confidence to Overcome More Than Just Stage Fright

Written by Katy Goshtasbi

Posted on: April 23, 2019

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Building Self-Confidence, woman singer standing on stage with microphone singing

Being an immigrant who gotten beaten up as a kid for being different doesn’t do much to inspire my self-confidence. That’s my personal story. I’m sure you have your own version of this truth. And that’s ok. The problem is when we don’t look at our personal stories, they follow us around into our day jobs, lives and keep us from our purpose and power.

This is true if you are an artist, too. So let’s chat about building self-confidence to overcome more than just stage fright. Being an artist is so much more than people recognize. Being an artist is obviously about creating and sharing music with your raving fans. Being an artist is also about being a role model to your raving fans.

Why and how?

The world suffers (and I mean literally suffers) from lack of self-confidence. It shows up in all sorts of ways we choose to live: greed, anger, perfectionism, procrastination, snootiness, etc. The list is endless. Every one of us has an opportunity to role model what good self-confidence looks like to those who look at us and follow us.

As an artist, you have the literal honor of being on a stage in lights. For you building self-confidence so you can role model it is absolutely a must, as much as it is an honor and a gift. The best way for you to build your self-confidence is to look at the experience of being an artist as I’ve described it above. You literally get to be seen and heard on a stage. You get the gift of being a role model for others and helping them build their self-confidence.

Once you really decide to “own” the power and control you have, as a role model, to your raving fans, it can’t help boosting your self-confidence. It also becomes a big responsibility, which may seem scary at times. What you say and do and perform becomes something your fans may choose to follow and emulate. You can’t let fear dictate, though.

To support you in building your self-confidence and being an effective role model you need to have self-awareness always.

Stop and ask yourself:

  • Why did you choose to become an artist?
  • What do you hope to impart to your fans and why?
  • How best can you share that with your fans: a) during your actual set and b) when you are not on stage (ie, album art, interviews, social media content)

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