What to Do When Motivation Stunts Your Productivity and Brand -
What to Do When Motivation Stunts Your Productivity and Brand

Written by Katy Goshtasbi

Posted on: January 3, 2019

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What to Do When Motivation Stunts Your Productivity, hand holding paper saying stay focused

I often teach about my research regarding the correlation between our stress and self-confidence. Here’s a great quandary from a client. Specifically, What do you do when self-confidence isn’t an issue, but motivation appears to be the issue that stunts your productivity and brand?




I wanted to share some recent experiences and would like to get your take on this: Recently, instead of checking my peaks and dips in confidence, I have been instead noticing my peaks and dips of motivation. I’m not sure how much they are related. In general, I don’t feel any dips in confidence; in fact, I’ve been feeling like a million dollars. However, I’ve been super unproductive (or at least I feel that way); and I realize that I am just not motivated to do anything, even the easiest tasks. In the past month, I completed the bare minimum so that I would not get fired (shhh). But then this past week, I’m uber motivated and back on my full-speed for some odd reason, even for the tasks that I hate the most!

I haven’t figured out what’s going on yet (why, how, etc.) I am curious if you have any thoughts on this matter. Any feedback or suggestions would be much appreciated!



What a great question and email. Thanks for asking and emailing. You’re awesome.

Whether you call it self-confidence or motivation, the two concepts are tied in my opinion. There’s some internal force that’s not syncing up to allow you to show up your “best” (whether that’s the self-confidence to be with others and influence them or just for you to have motivation to do your job the way you believe you should). The important thing is to have self-awareness and track the cycle- which is exactly what you are doing.

Next, perhaps stop and consider what factors were at play those specific days when you:

1) were and, 2) were not motivated (ie, did you not sleep well, eat well, have something that was lurking/hiding on your mind, family, who has been in your space/mind, etc).

Does that make sense?

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