Why Company Branding Internally Is Just as Important as It Is to the Public
Getting Your Staff on Board: Why Company Branding Internally Is Just as Important as It Is to the Public

Written by Katy Goshtasbi

Posted on: January 7, 2019

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I often get asked regarding branding internally and externally. Clients seem confused. After all, traditional marketing companies for years have been designing logos, websites, and taglines for company external brands.


Here’s the deal: Those traditional marketing efforts are great and necessary. But they are not any more important or necessary than your company’s internal brand. In fact, by having a solid internal brand developed, the external marketing materials will work well and even better.




In order for any great brand to stick to the external/public, there has to be a strong team on the inside of a company to support it. If your new logo and website drive lots of traffic to your door, but your staff doesn’t handle the new business “well”, what’s the point?


I’m not talking about having your staff be able to take calls and do traditional customer service well. I’m talking about one step beyond this notion. I’m talking about what makes one company “amazing” versus what makes one “good”.


If your employees do not have a sense of ownership of their brand-why they do their job, why they come to work each day, how their role feeds into the overall company mission, how they should communicate internally well and gain influence internally, how they could network internally and externally using their natural strengths and story, how to manage internal changes-then they could not possibly be able to deliver to your clients and customers the same client experience.


In other words, the external branding would not be optimal and perhaps be less than effective because there is no strength of the team/employees to stand behind it. Put another way, if I as the employee, don’t feel the value of my job and role and internal brand, then how could I possibly deliver it to customers, via our external brand, well?


So, start 2019 off right by making sure you invest time and money in hiring a qualified consultant to work on your internal brand first. Your human capital is your most important asset, whether you want to admit it or not.

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