Boosting Morale in the Workplace Will Keep Your Staff Engaged
Three Reasons Boosting Morale in the Workplace Will Keep Your Staff Engaged

Written by Katy Goshtasbi

Posted on: February 12, 2019

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I was at Costco in line to pump gas the other day.  While I was sitting in my car waiting to pull up to the gas pump, I noticed a Costco employee.  His job was to take care of the gas station area. In particular, he was taking out the trash can next to the pumps and changing the trash liners.  Watching him change the trash can liners was a real moment of joy. I could tell he took pride in his job and duties. He did the task with such “ownership”- working with nimble precision and yet, with ease and grace and pure concentration.  I wanted to hop out and hire him!! He was engaged. He had the right mindset to be productive and “own” his job. How can every employer boost morale in the workplace to keep staff engaged?

In most every company I consult with, the leadership hire me to deal with the human capital challenges.  It’s so much easier for leadership to focus just on the substantive work of the company- look at KPIs, financials, strategic alliances, etc.  It’s so easy to overlook the best tool every organization, of any size, has- and that’s their employees.

If your employees do not “feel” supported morally as humans, they cannot be engaged and, thus, productive at work.  End of story.  You cannot end run this notion.  It’s the human condition. Here are 3 reasons why.  They may seem obvious. If so, ask yourself how you can ensure you are doing all you can to boost morale.

1. Greater sense of purpose

Often employees tell me they have NO idea what their “job duties” actually do for the company and its overall mission in the world.  If I don’t know why I come to work, then part of it is on me to figure out, as an employee. It is just as important for my employer to share their greater purpose/mission to guide my behavior and mindset and keep me engaged.

2. Focus

boosting morale at work will guide your staff to a greater focus.  If they can see the greater picture with you in #1 above, they can focus better. This guarantees they will stay engaged and thus, more productive.

3. Caring

boosting morale at work will let your employees know you care about them.  You may think a cash bonus will just as easily boost morale and show you care. Studies prove the opposite.  Every one of us, including you as the employer, wants to know someone cares about us. This is especially true if employees are going to be as productive as they can be for your business to succeed.

Back to my Costco story above and the high morale the employee at the gas station displayed.  I guess you can say it was all the “employee’s own constitution”. Maybe, maybe not. I guarantee somewhere along the way, someone at Costco had expressed to that gas station employee that he was cared for and that his focus and purpose in lining trash cans mattered to the overall mission of Costco.  

Want to learn how to boost morale at work?  Read this for more tips: 3 Ways to Increase Employee Productivity Today. Want more support on how to build your winning internal and external brand through an engaged employee pool?  Download this guide.

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