The Importance of Setting Boundaries at Work to Keep Wellbeing
The Importance of Setting Boundaries at Work to Keep Wellbeing

Written by Katy Goshtasbi

Posted on: February 25, 2019

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Setting Boundaries at Work

Sometimes the topic of setting boundaries gets so old. We could all set better boundaries and yet, what does that really look like and who cares? Well if you are sick of the topic, I’ve got news for you. The same boundaries have to apply at work. Let’s talk about the importance of setting boundaries at work for wellbeing and productivity.

As a consultant in companies wanting their employees to be more productive, we talk about this topic a lot. I mean A LOT!


You take yourself wherever you go- that includes work.

To be a productive employee, you first have to feel motivated in order to want to produce results. Motivation is a very real human endeavor. Part of wanting to be a good employee is wanting to show you are motivated and productive. However, there’s also a very real side of us that wants to be loved and wanted- at home or at work. Ten years of consulting with companies has proven this for sure.

The number one things employees tell me is that they want to be appreciated at work.

Translation: how can I make my employer happy with me?

Translation: employees start collapsing their boundaries at work in order to make their boss happy. This collapse of boundaries then causes the employee to grow resentful deep down inside. They either start taking their resentment out: a) at other employees they work with or b) they start taking it out at home with their families.

Neither one of these results of not setting effective boundaries at work is optimal. It all leads to us not being well. The signs can, and often do include, stress, anger, procrastination, paralysis (ie, missed deadlines, lateness, etc) and actual sickness.

So what does this mean for you?

If you are an employer:

• How often do you discuss the idea of healthy boundaries with your employees?

• Have you considered hiring an expert to train and consult with your employees? Employees are 85% more likely to open up to a third party consultant than to you or your HR department employees.

If you are an employee:

• How can you stay self-aware of your boundaries and when you collapse them?

• How often are you trying to make your boss happy versus make a difference at work and be of true service.

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Here’s to effective boundaries and wellbeing at work,


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