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Reducing Your Stress & Increasing Your Success Using AI

Written by Katy Goshtasbi

Posted on: August 22, 2023

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As humans, we are always looking for ways to improve our lives, personal and professional, by simplifying daily activities. So, it’s not surprising that AI is front and center in our lives all of a sudden, or so it seems. Let’s discuss in this AI era how a workplace can cultivate, retain and engage employees by improving emotional intelligence and using AI– and how you, as a professional, can start to think about using AI without fear and to your benefit.

Since AI has come along so strongly lately, I have LOTS of conversations with clients on the topic of staffing and how to use augmented intelligence. So how will AI affect the job market? Some fear AI because it is just one more thing to have to learn to use and that takes time and energy. Others feel AI will replace them at work, somehow taking the place of human decision making with AI decision making. Some even fear AI’s larger consequences- think robots taking over the world.

Everyone’s perspective is valid because everyone’s perspective is different and important to them.

The Edge:

Can AI replace humans? As we all know, when looking at humans versus machines the only edge you have left as a human trying to keep your job and grow your career and build your employee’s productivity and engagement is the emotions, judgment and discernment you bring to your job. AI doesn’t have emotions. You do. Emotions play a critical role in how you show up and convey the value judgment you bring to your job. This is why AI will never replace humans because AI can never really replace humans.

Are you being ‘leading edge’ and outstanding and indispensable by using the power of your emotions to connect, grow, do your job and lead? How will you improve emotional intelligence in the workplace?

My theory is that entry level employees may very well get wiped out by the use of AI. For instance, in law firms, the entry level associates can likely be replaced. However, the senior associates cannot be replaced by AI for so many reasons.

Are you and your law firm/business on the leading edge by focusing on retaining and engaging this middle level of rock star employees? If not, why not?

What is your point of view as it relates to AI? AI is just one more area that requires your attention and for you to stay open and flex and pivot and grow and change. Stop and consider how you view AI and if you are willing to be cutting edge by staying curious.

Use Caution

As with anything, you have to stay open but cautious in order to preserve your work product and integrity. My suggestions to start:

• Use AI for marketing copy and branding suggestions. Ask for keywords and language to get your right, creative brain working.

• Don’t finish with AI necessarily. The beauty of being human is that you have a voice, insights and abilities that AI never will. So take the AI suggestions and use them to guide you and your distinct voice and uniqueness. I’ve discovered that as clever as AI is, it can never quite get the final gist of what I’m trying to convey. Don’t let AI make you a lazy writer and get weak in your human abilities to convey and communicate.

Best Practices

Here are some fantastic best practices I received courtesy of my Right Management coaching group.

• Double check for accuracy to make sure AI suggestions are indeed accurate.

• Set restrictions on your instructions to the AI tool to ensure the best chances of getting back what you really want.

• Use clear and specific language. The language you use in your prompts can greatly affect the quality of the responses you receive, so don’t use vague words and phrases.

As a coach and consultant, I truly believe that we are the very opposite of AI: we bring real life experiences, observations, queries and emotions to the game. What about you? If this topic stresses you out, great! Even your stress is a great indicator of you being human and irreplaceable in most respects by machines.

You don’t have to tackle this alone. I’m here to support you. Set up a Deep Dive Assessment and let’s get down to business and see what will help you become successful using AI and your emotions.

“Al will probably win the battle for IQ against humans. But EQ, such as empathy, kindness, self-awareness, and self-control, will remain 100% human qualities, so we need to cultivate them.”

Dr. Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic
Chief Innovation Officer, Manpower

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