Schedule a 1:1 Deep Dive Assessment and Strategy Session!

Here's how my 60-minute, live, one-on-one “Deep Dive Assessment & Strategy Session” works: 

  1. You book at a time that works for you. 
  2. You’ll receive a questionnaire that will help guide our conversation effectively.
  3. You’ll spend 30-60 minutes responding thoughtfully to the questions. 
  4. I’ll review your answers as well as your online  presence.  
  5. I will set this appointment in stone especially for you, so please make sure you attend or reschedule 48hrs in advance to respect time and energy.

Then we’ll meet for a full hour together. This is where the magic happens.

I’ll lead you through the process I’ve honed over more than a decade to help you clarify exactly what’s working, what’s weak and the highest-leverage actions you should take to begin cultivating your most vibrant and effective intentional plan, starting today.

You’ll leave with a specific, personalized, actionable plan for your unique diversity, wellness and business challenges - that once fully-realized and implemented - will leave you with the freedom to set and control the trajectory for your career, time and personal life.