The Missed Facts About Rebranding A Company & How to Avoid A Pitfall
The Missed Facts About Rebranding A Company & How to Avoid A Pitfall

Written by Katy Goshtasbi

Posted on: May 6, 2019

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Over the years I’ve noticed that most businesses and companies discuss rebranding their businesses in a very particular way that doesn’t work for me. This makes me stop and think about what’s missing in these company and business plans. Let’s discuss the missed facts about rebranding a company and how to avoid a pitfall.

When most companies decide to rebrand, the process is only about 50% effective, in my opinion.


These companies have a very different definition of rebrand than I. Most often the common pitfall is that most companies look at a rebrand as a “face-lift”, if you will. This face-lift involves a new logo, tagline, color scheme and a lovely new website to go with all of these other changes.

While all of these changes are good, then what?

What I mean is that most companies who rebrand pay a vendor a lot of money to develop all of the above items. After that, the rebranded company sits back, takes a deep sigh of relief and exhales: ta-da! The “rebrand” is done, so let the magical impact begin.

Guess what? The “rebrand” isn’t close to being done and there is no magical impact except that the company just spent a lot of money.

What are the missing facts to avoid this pitfall?

What really has to happen is that before a company starts a rebrand, leadership and management have to step back and really consider why they want to rebrand, reflecting on:

• What’s working now in the company?

• What’s the growth strategy for the next five to ten years?

How productive are each and every employee? Why or why not?

• How will the rebrand lend itself to furthering the growth strategy?

• How will the rebrand lend itself to the enhanced productivity
of each and every employee

• How will the rebrand be messaged to, and include the brands of,
each and every employee?

The common thread is a successful rebrand must take into account future growth goals AND each employee’s brand contribution.

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