How to get signed to a Record Label. 3 things to know before you sign the dotted line
How to Get Signed to a Record Label: 3 Things to Know Before You Sign the Dotted Line

Written by Katy Goshtasbi

Posted on: May 14, 2018

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I got into working with musicians on their brands because I love music.  I remember being at a concert and actually seeing the increased vibe and joy that came about as a result of the band and their music.  I could step back and not only hear it but feel it in my soul and in the atmosphere.  That’s when I knew that music was imperative to the world.  But how to get signed to a record label?

Later on in my second career I realized that musicians, much like all other professions, are not very good at the business end of their careers and selling themselves well.  Fast forward all these years and here we are today and I’m doing what I do to support musicians.

The question for many musicians is how to get signed to a record label. However, there’s a bigger question to think about first.

Here are 3 things to know before you sign to a record label:

  1. Do you want to sign to a record label?  For many of you reading this, my question may sound really stupid.  Who doesn’t want to get signed to a record label, you say?  Well, that’s the real question. To most musicians, signing to a record label may seem like the ultimate “win” and “success”.  However, have you ever really stopped to think about whether or not you want to sign to a record label?  What does it really mean to sign to a record label and who is it for?  Read on.
  2. How much control are you willing to give up? Are you the type of person that demands full control over your artistry and prose all the way from the type of music you create to what you wear to who is in your audience?  If so, you’ll want to think twice before signing to a label.  Oftentimes, the label’s job is to retain all control so that the end product is optimal.  You can’t really blame them, right?  After all, they are taking on most of the financial risk in signing you on as an artist.
  3. Study the trends and the economics of your music– what I’m talking about here is for you to know whether and how your genre and overall brand appeal will fit into a particular record label’s forecast and growth plan. Just like you, the artist, should have a growth plan, so should a record label. Are these two growth goals aligned to get both sides the highest and best results? Only by studying the trends and economics of your music will you be able to know your side and be in control of your destiny.

Got more questions? Feel free to email me and/or download my tips on growth and change planning for the optimal brand.

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