Balancing Staff Happiness & Company Goals With Organizational Control
Balancing Staff Happiness & Company Goals With Organizational Control

Written by Katy Goshtasbi

Posted on: March 19, 2019

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When we think of company goals, we rarely stop and tie the concept with the happiness of staff. What does one really have to do with the other? Overall corporate goals are more tied to revenue and production than employee happiness, right? Moreover, what would either have to do with control within the organization? Let’s talk about how to balance staff happiness and your company goals by using organizational control.

As the saying goes, “if mama ain’t happy, no one is happy”. Within your company, if your employees aren’t happy (ie, productive), then everything suffers. Employee productivity is a reflection of how motivated your employees are.

Employees who aren’t motivated can’t and won’t produce at any level. End of story. Motivation of your employees is directly about whether they see that their natural talents and strengths are a good match for their roles and if they are being utilized well.

That’s all about their individual brands. Studies show that for every new employee added to a company, the brand identity of each and every employee gets diluted. Employees start to lose their identity. As they lose their identity, they lose motivation and productivity. Uh oh….

Here’s what happens often as a result. Management hunkers down and attempts to control the situation by controlling the employees: people get written up, processes are put into place to “track” and “measure” performance and people and attempts are made to teach people how to carry out job roles that aren’t a good fit for them.

Control vs Controlling
There’s a big difference between being in control versus being controlling. The latter is a reflection of NOT being in control. When someone is controlling, odds are high they are low in self-confidence, fearful and have no idea how to be in control or influential. As a result, their stress is driving them to choke any and all situations in an attempt to be in control.

On the opposite side, when leaders are in control of their business, employees and processes, no one feels controlled. Everyone knows their roles and responsibilities, and everyone has freedom to be productive because they are motivated.

What does this mean for you? Stop and consider:

• How productive are your staff? When was the last time you checked in on their motivation and morale?
• Does your organization/company goal include specific intention/mention of staff/employee productivity and motivation and brand identity? If not, why?
• How does organizational control measure up in your company? Ask your staff and find out.

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