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Women in Cryptocurrency: Three Brand Strategy Tips That Will Make You Be Seen, Heard, and Listened To

Written by Katy Goshtasbi

Posted on: September 23, 2018

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I’m a huge fan and follower of all that has been going on in the Cryptocurrency space. I’m also lucky to have a close family member who is a renowned expert in this field. As a result, I’ve come to observe the distinctions between the experts in the Cryptocurrency world. This is because many show up at conferences, have an online presence, or a television presence, etc.
As a Branding and Change expert, here’s what I’ve noticed. The female experts in this space are very knowledgeable, equaling and even possibly surpassing their male counterparts. Yet the female experts show up very differently than the male experts. In my opinion, part of the reason for this difference is nature, and part is likely a habit.
The goal is to have experts, of any gender, present the world with the right information in this space to move the needle forward and make a difference. That said, every expert needs to be seen and heard.

Here are three tips to support you in being seen and heard in this space so that you can be the contribution you want to be with your expertise:

1. “Own It”
This is my favorite phrase and one I often use with clients. Before anyone believes us to be an expert in any field, we must first believe in ourselves. So, do you believe you are good at what you do? Do you believe you are an expert in the Crypto space? If so, then use your expertise and share it with everyone more often.
2. Show Up and Be Ready to Be Seen as Yourself 
I’ve observed that as women, often we don’t show up. When we do, we don’t always show up as our best, genuine and authentic self.

Last month I reached out to two women experts in Cryptocurrency with different opportunities for them to be on national panels on this subject. Both of them declined without any explanation why. Their male counterparts, to whom I went to next, both said “yes” to my offer within seconds. Why? I have no idea. Maybe the women had better/other events for which they were scheduled. That’s my hope.

But what if they just didn’t want to show up?

As a woman, it’s easy to get sucked into the problem of competing with the opposite gender. When I practiced law in Washington DC, I saw many women lawyers (including myself at times) try to compete with men by trying to look and behave more like a man. We would wear dark pantsuits and pretend that we were like men. It was painful and didn’t get results. The men didn’t respect us, and other women competed harder with us. All it did was drive up stress and reduce self-confidence (see HERE for my full research abstract on this topic).
Only genuine brands win. The external packaging of your brand needs to match the internal person you are. That’s brand consistency. What a relief to know you can show up as yourself and that is good enough!
Consider why you do and don’t want to show up. If you choose not to show up, make sure you are clear as to WHY you don’t want to show up. Is it out of fear or a true lack of need to show up?
If you are going to show up, showing up as yourself is the best. If you want to wear a skirt, go for it. If you stand out and look good in pink or a floral print, please do so. Make-up is fine. At conferences, having makeup on allows the audience to see your features and facial gestures better from afar. So, it possibly enhances communication. There’s nothing more powerful, attractive and credible than a person who knows who they are and shows up as their best self.
3. Bring Your Unique Natural Strengths to the Game
Each of us has something we do so easily during the day and we don’t even realize others may not be as good at doing this “thing”. We take our natural ability for granted. Often it has nothing to do with your actual expertise in the crypto space or anywhere else substantively. Identifying and deliberately using your natural strength makes you feel good about yourself because you are at ease. Only then are you put in a place where you emotionally resonate even more effectively with your audience and are seen as even more credible.
I would love to hear your questions, comments and experiences in this area.
If I can support you, please let me know. One of the ways we support powerful women is through our Virtual Branding Bootcamp Support Circles.
I’m a huge fan. We have this! I promise.

Here’s to your success,


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1 thought on “Women in Cryptocurrency: Three Brand Strategy Tips That Will Make You Be Seen, Heard, and Listened To

  1. Hi Katy. This is amazing! I recently became Certifed in Blockchain for Accounting and Finance Professionals as well as a Certified Bitcoin Professional. I have been writing articles and presenting on the topic over the last year! It has been amazing. Huge career shift at CBIZ and going great. Still coaching but part time. Lets have coffee sometime soon!

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