What Makes a Good Leader? How to Get Employees to Respect Your Business Goals
What Makes a Good Leader? How to Get Employees to Respect Your Business Goals

Written by Katy Goshtasbi

Posted on: June 4, 2018

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I think about what makes a good leader all the time- not just for my clients, but for myself. I’m getting ready to take over as Chair of a board.  As often happens, there are some issues that have opposing viewpoints.  This of course leads to friction and differing positions.  Not to mention the poor communication between board members.

Some days I want to throw my hands up and run!

Most days, I choose to see each member of the board differently.  I’ve discovered the only way to make progress leading as Chair of this board is to choose to see everything external, and internal about myself, differently.

If I come at the other members with opposition and wedded to my views and opinions, then guess what?  It’s going to be a very long year and we are not going to make a difference anywhere.

If I choose to revisit my own views and see where I can be more flexible, then I can see each board member in this same light.  Guess what happens then?  The world is a much better place and we can all get along AND make progress.

So what does this mean for you, as a business with employees and as a good leader?  The only way to get employees to respect your business goals is by: 1) respecting yourself and seeing where you can be more flexible as a leader and 2) respecting your employees as human beings with vision and possibilities and the capacity to lead you to your business goals- if you only allow them to do so.

Noodle on that one a bit.  Even if you find it uncomfortable, keep noodling. I promise it will get you far.

Here’s to your leadership!


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