The Road to Success: Overcome Your Professional Rut and Get Promoted
The Road to Success: How To Overcome Your Professional Rut and Get Promoted

Written by Katy Goshtasbi

Posted on: October 30, 2018

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Trends in society signal to me problems we are developing. As a researcher, I take these trends very seriously. Why? Because it impacts my clients’ ability to get promoted. Let’s talk about your road to success and how to overcome your professional rut and get promoted.

The other day I ordered a salad for lunch. I asked for dressing on the side. The waiter acknowledged my request. My salad still came out with dressing on it, instead of on the side. The very same thing happened at dinner that same night. Every time I order a cup of coffee, they ask me if I want “room for cream”. I always say, “no”. 75% of the time, the barista either asks me again if I want “room for cream” or hands me a cup that has room for cream.

Does any of this sound familiar? What is going on?

Here’s the answer to the question above- no one is very self-aware anymore, if they ever were. Everyone is distracted beyond comprehension- to the point they can’t do their job anymore. If it happens at the coffee shop or the restaurant, it’s happening to you as a professional in corporate America- I promise you.

I see it daily as I do consulting in companies of all sizes and various industries- employees are in a professional rut and not getting promoted because they are not self-aware and are bored and distracted. Management doesn’t necessarily see it this way- they just assume the employee isn’t “good” at their job. How can you know if this is you or your staff’s dilemma and how do you fix it?

Here are some simple signs to look for:

• Can you look someone in the eye while carrying on a conversation?
• Do you actually “hear” what people are saying or are you a million miles away?
• Do you feel like what you do makes a difference in the world or is it unfulfilling? If you don’t even understand this question, then we have a problem.
• Do you know what your natural strength and talent is? Have you stopped to think about it?

If you answered in the negative to any of the questions above, then you may be distracted and not self-aware and you could potentially be in a job rut that won’t get you promoted, leaving you with an icky brand.

What’s the solution? Stop and consider, what can you do to not be so distracted. Self-awareness starts with the desire to change your behavior and drive your behavior in a different direction. It also means you need to be brave enough to try on something new. If you do want to be more self-aware, the first step is just that- declaring that you don’t like the way things are going right now and that you would like to move forward with the intent to be more self-aware.

The simplest way to do so is to sit still for 15-minutes once a day (call it meditation or whatever works for you). Less is more. Doing more is only going to leave you more distracted and less self-aware. You don’t need to be optimal ever second of every day. You just need to be aware of your behavior and see if it is getting you deliberate results based on goals you set for yourself- like getting promote.

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