Uncover Your Personal Brand Using Personal Brand Examples
The Best Way to Uncover Your Personal Brand Using Personal Brand Examples

Written by Katy Goshtasbi

Posted on: October 18, 2021

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I was talking to a client the other day. Her father passed away in January 2021 two days after my mom died. We were discussing the concept of grief. She wisely mentioned that people seem to think that if you are grieving a loved one’s passing then you are not strong. We decided grief has nothing to do with strength. It’s a process, just like anything else in life.

We also realized that this confusion exists because the concept of death and dying and grief is mischaracterized in public so much.

What does grief have to do with your personal brand and brand examples?

Mischaracterization and confusion exist in both spaces.

There’s so much content out there related to personal branding, with examples of what you should and shouldn’t be doing. It makes my head spin.


Because at some point, you are inundated with so many different applications of “personal branding” and “personal brand statements and examples” that you forget what you set out to do.

Let me make this super simple using a few personal brand examples that showcase how a personal brand can thrive.

Your personal brand is equal to you knowing WHO you are. That’s it.

Let’s take a good example, Jeff Walker. If you haven’t heard about him, Google him. Jeff Walker has built a HUGE empire over the past decades by teaching people how to launch online businesses…AND love their life. I’m one of his students (or “owners” as he calls us).

Why does his Product Launch Formula work so well? Besides the many years he’s put into perfecting his actual “formula”, the real reason it works so well is because Jeff is himself. His brand is simple, but not easy. Everywhere you look, Jeff shows up (and sells himself) as just a guy who stumbled onto a successful formula. He’s very frank about his passions, his life and his values. It shows in his success and in his loyal fan base.

So using the Jeff Walker example, now you know your personal brand is not your LinkedIn profile or your website. It’s not about photographs of your personal brand. It’s not about statements you make about your brand.


Every business has a vibe and a frequency. A pulse, if you will. This pulse, vibe or frequency is what will draw others to you.

BUT no business vibe exists without the human vibe or pulse.

Uncovering your own personal brand and who you are allows you to uncover your vibe and pulse as a human. You get to figure out what makes you tick. This, in turn, allows you to match up your business and career brand with your own brand.

Back to Jeff Walker and his personal brand/empire- Jeff is very clear on his strengths and what makes him tick. For instance, he’s super upfront to say he takes all Fridays off to either ski, mountain bike or be in nature. He always shows up in a t-shirt or a long sleeve shirt and jeans. Nothing else. That’s his consistent Colorado vibe.

Can you feel the difference being so authentic can make- for your well-being and your business success?

Can you do this for yourself?

Only then will others stop to notice you. Feel your authenticity. Refer to you. Be your biggest fan and champion.

Want to know where to start? Start by taking some time to really unearth and discover who you are as a human being. Start by writing your first memories that surface. Keep writing. Write what those emotions meant to you. Go slow and be gentle with yourself. This process is exciting…and it can bring out some feelings that may have been buried for quite some time.

Want my help? I’m here for support. Schedule your brand DNA Strategy and Assessment session, a 1:1 meeting for you and I to brainstorm, diagnose and implement your best plan.

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