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Calm, Measured Demeanor- Is This You?

Written by Katy Goshtasbi

Posted on: June 10, 2013

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Oftentimes the biggest challenge we face with our personal brands is our inability to “keep it together” well in meetings and conversations with colleagues, clients, etc.  Because we are not able to see how we come across, we can’t measure our personal brand perception.   As a result, we either: 1) keep showing up and doing the same things that hurt our personal brands OR 2) shift our actions constantly, leading to a disorganized personal brand, lacking clarity and consistency– the hallmark of an effective personal brand. 

The best way to approach this challenge is to go into any meeting/situation with an awareness of how you want to come across and make an effort at trying to feel how others perceive you in your efforts.  When I say “feel”, I mean use your intuition.  Most of us have lost the ability (or never really cultivated it) to use our intuition as our guide- you know, that “gut” feeling you get.  To help you discern your brand, also gauge others’ perceptions by studying their facial and body gestures as well as their vocal tone in response to you.

In addition, remember that it is often more effective to ask a well-placed and thought-provoking question in a meeting rather than making random and frequent comments, just to be seen and heard.  We often find people don’t know what to do with themselves in meetings, so they keep talking.   Perhaps take a symbol of these concepts with you into the meeting and put it in front of you so you are constantly reminded of your goal.  Maybe it is a new mug or a paperclip or a pen or take off your watch and put it in front of you.

Always ask yourself:

– How do I want to come across and be perceived in this upcoming meeting/interaction?

– Am I coming across calm and measured?

– Am I talking more than listening?



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