Identify Your Natural Talents and Find Your Place in the Music Scene
How to Identify Your Natural Talents and Find Your Place in the Music Scene

Written by Katy Goshtasbi

Posted on: October 16, 2018

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Identify Your Natural Talents, Man playing music on the street

I often think about what it must feel like to be a musician. The frenzy of the music scene, the expectations, both self-made and brought on by others, the possibility of being seen and heard around the world, and the possibility of failure. How can a musician identify and own their natural talents and find their rightful place in such a music scene?

When we think of natural talent, it seems that musicians have that part of it figured out for sure, right? I mean, isn’t music their natural talent?

Well, yes and no.

Obviously, being a musician means you are naturally talented in music. If you don’t have that part, then we’ve got big problems- no one will buy your brand if you aren’t musically inclined and call yourself a musician. However, there is another facet to identifying your natural talent. This facet applies whether you are a musician or not. As a musician you have a natural talent, beyond music, that you must find and cultivate in order to succeed and find your place in the music scene.

Your natural talent has to do with finding that ONE thing you do each day that comes so easily and naturally to you, that you assume this act comes naturally to everyone- like breathing. I remember when I learned about my natural talent, I was shocked to discover that not everyone has the same level of ease and grace around this one act. What?!?!? I remember thinking to myself how shocking it was.

Finding this natural talent is more about how you interact with your audience and connect with us emotionally. It is that vibe or special “thing” that you do that makes us remember you and keeps us coming back for more and more of your music. Without it, your actual musical talent only goes so far.

So what does this mean for you? Stop and consider:

• What is that one thing you do everyday that comes so easily for you AND brings you a ton of joy/happiness in doing so.

• How can you utilize it to connect with your audience in such a way that your audience then becomes hooked on your music?

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