How Do I Succinctly & Clearly Tell Others What I do: Online and in-person?
How Do I Succinctly & Clearly Tell Others What I do: Online and in-person?

Written by Katy Goshtasbi

Posted on: October 12, 2020

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How Do I Succinctly & Clearly Tell Others What I do: Online and in-person?

You are good at what you do, and you want to help others. So, tell us what you do so I can remember you, hire you, refer you and benefit from you!

How to do so best- is the question I get most often….

The answer is way simpler than we want to believe. It doesn’t involve lots of hoops to jump through or action on your part.

Just a change in mindset to start.

Here’s my top three tips. This is what I do myself. Give it a shot.

1.  Slow down

we run fast and hard these days. We did so before the pandemic and now it is even worse. Top brands convey who they are with ease and grace and that’s memorable. Slow down so you can be more self-aware of how your brand is landing on others and so you can know what you want to convey.

  1. Take a few deep breaths
  2. Do less- it always equals more time and impact
  3. Do something for yourself each day- even if super small.


2. Know your story

Who are you and why should I even bother to stop and listen? Conveying what you do to your audience is really about them knowing you- the person-and being initially captivated with what comes out of your mouth. Afterwards you can tell me all about how great you are at your profession/career.

  1. Write down your personal story- WHO YOU ARE.
  2. Get comfortable sharing it in bits and pieces with others to naturally leave them curious about you.


3. Connect with your optimal audience

Introductions only matter, and stick, if you are conveying them to the people who are your main consumers/audience. Have you stopped and thought about your ideal audience/avatar?

  1. Who is your favorite client/customer/patient? List their characteristics and why you like them for those characteristics.
  2. Now you can start looking for that target audience/avatar and feel confident that you have a good starting point in communicating with those who want to hear from you because they would consume what you are selling them.

Want more tips on developing and selling your best brand? Click here to Download Katy’s 3-Step Branding Made Easy guide and let’s go!

Much love,


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