Personal Branding Bootcamp

More Visibility, Money, and Confidence Now

This is about branding. Not anyone else’s, but your own. This program will guide you toward being seen, heard and respected as a successful professional, seeing the diversity in others and creating harmony and wellness for yourself and those around you. 

My ultimate goal is to clarify and magnify what you project to the outside world, and to renew how you feel inside allowing wellness to naturally take place. That’s a big part of what branding is to me, and it’s what I’d like for you.

Together we can deliberately create YOUR authentic personal brand to fundamentally transform the world’s view of who you are, and how you embody that in your career and personal life. In the end, you are more successful; effective, efficient, deliberate, focused, diversity around you flourishes and healthier workplaces form.  End of story.




Create your own success story!

What if you had a supercharged, proven system given to you, that enabled you to create a self-defined, authentic, crystal clear personal brand, exert massive influence over your audience, and have control over your career and personal life so you can truly enjoy your financial success and free time?

Then Personal Branding Bootcamp is
totally for you.

The world is finally opening back up.

This is the moment to hit the “restart” button and be perceived exactly as you want to be.

The best of times are here, right now.

Don’t squander this opportunity.

Since you are reading this, it’s likely..

Katy was incredible to work with. She’s bright, funny, dynamic, and ALWAYS has a smile on her face. She has the unique ability to use both her analytical/attorney mind and her creative mind in order to effectively strategize and deliver a message that is penetrable and well received by the target audience. I look forward to working with her on my next project! – Rob Fink, JD
If any of the above (or more) feels familiar to you…






Your personal brand is your business and
now is your chance to make it shine


The old way wasn’t working...

Flipped upside down, pulled in a hundred directions? We all feel it. But a change is coming, and now is your time to conquer whatever has thwarted your goals and expectations.

Maybe you’ve been passed over by other lawyers, or you haven’t been seen and heard for the great legal mind you are.

Perhaps you’ve struggled to find clients and employers who can afford you, appreciate you, and pay you what you’re really worth.

Maybe, like many of us, you’ve experienced pandemic overwhelm, or strained to juggle home and career, or been frustrated by “hybrid” models.

We’ve all been waiting for the world (courts, businesses, etc) to open back up, most of us suffer from “imposter syndrome”, and too many of us are sick from the stress of the work we used to love!

Not to mention the guilt over neglecting family and friends over endless workdays and workweeks. Add to that, too many of us find ourselves overdrinking just to cope, which exacts a huge toll on health and performance, and causes anguish to loved ones.

Katy has an amazing natural ability for guiding her clients to identify their uniqueness. The material is already within us and she brings it to the surface so we can communicate it clearly with others. It is a relatively fast process and I wish I started this work years ago.She believes in endless possibilities for my business and in life. She is the energy and light we all need in business.
– Stephanie Barnier, CFP

What can I say- working with Katy isn’t work, it’s a personalized expedition into what makes you tick so that your business ticks for you. I really do feel that I’ve gained not only a new perspective on not only how I work and run my business but why I do it and most importantly what needs to change. Katy’s energy and grace are contagious- don’t miss the chance to catch some for yourself.
Roya Hough, JD

A better way...

What happens when you empower yourself and distinctively express your brand message?

Once we’ve worked together to carefully craft your own unique, self-defined personal brand, you’ll stop struggling to express the real you, your true identity.

People will see you. People will understand who you are, what you represent and what you bring to the table.

They’ll ascertain your values, ethics, and ideals. They’ll begin to trust you, like you and recommend you. Then, your ideal clients will discover you. They’ll seek you out, find you, hire you, and recommend you to their friends. The cycle continues. You’ll choose your ideal clients.

You’ll choose your rates or command your salary/bonuses. You’ll control your time. You’ll welcome responsibility. You’ll live the life you dreamed of and expected when you first started your career.

I created this system...

By spending seven
(long and agonizing) years developing my own brand after I stopped practicing securities law.

But you don’t have to go through the same pain. Instead, you’ll save hundreds of hours of your time and spare yourself the headache of trial and error. This is time you can spend billing, or, even better, with your family or friends, enjoying your life, confident that your brand works!

I’ve worked with hundreds of professionals to define their individual personal brands over the past 12 years. The process is streamlined, easy, and yet tailored just for YOU, by you.

Your personal brand is your business and now is your chance to make it shine



Working with Katy was one of the best decisions I’ve made for my career, and for myself. I was overwhelmed and not sure what my next step should be. Katy brought me back to the basics – what is it that makes me “me”, and how do I get that across to someone else. I am now much more confident in who I am, and am more willing to take a risk in my career, and in life, because I know my strengths and weaknesses better, and have trust in myself and my abilities. I wouldn’t be where I am without putting in the work that I did with Katy.
Jill Ragan, JD

How to know if

The Personal Branding Bootcamp

is for you
(it’s not for everyone)

This program is only for you if you’re that are serious about transformation and want to see and feel true fulfillment.  If you feel you’re not quite ready for a real change that requires work and commitment, then this program is not for you.  You will have to invest your time and energy to see results you’ve always wanted.  Consider this: how much longer will you endure this rut, doing the same thing, and expecting better results, only to be disappointed? 

Your personal brand is your business and
now is your chance to make it shine


Here's what you'll get from

The Personal Branding Bootcamp

Your personal brand is your business and now is your chance to make it shine


Hi, I’m Katy!

I haven’t always been in the branding business. I was a securities lawyer for over 14 years. When I became a lawyer, it was because I wanted to help save the world. I had a thriving, powerful, intense career. I was making money. But, I was stressed! My doctor told me my stress would literally kill me if I didn’t quit my job. I was also feeling unfulfilled and confused. I liked the money and the power, but was I supposed to be a lawyer forever?

When I stopped to ask myself that one important question, I realized that being a lawyer was not the purpose of my life, and it was time for me to make a change.

I quit my legal career two years before the Great Recession, then spent seven painful years unearthing my own brand and purpose. I developed tools, techniques and a unique methodology to successfully build, own and optimize my personal brand.

Now, I truly live my purpose and absolutely love the work I do every day, and I want the same for you. I get you!

You decide what is your calling and your purpose, and I’m here to help you fulfill all aspects of that mission. To discuss, to suggest, and to help you confidently traverse your path. It is my honor and joy to teach professionals to develop their personal brand, just as I did all those years ago – except without all the pain!

It all started with me not doing the same old thing, but actually being willing to try something new and different for the sake of my family, my health, and my career.

Your personal brand is your business and
now is your chance to make it shine



Module 1


Identifying your natural strengths, managing stress and managing time are critical in order to lay the proper foundation for unearthing your personal brand.

Module 2


Upwards of 78% of anything people buy has nothing to do with the substantive knowledge therein, but with how the service makes them feel. Creating your visual brand will give you a powerful tool in your toolbox to get instant recognition and positive attention.

Module 3


Every one of us has a story. We need to share it with our audience in order to emotionally resonate with them. You’ll learn to craft your story, share it appropriately and use it to connect with, and sell your brand to, your audience.

Module 4


Your perfect audience is both online and in person. Once you identify them, you can easily connect with and be of value to them. Learn how to find your audience, based on your brand, and how to read and deliver to them.

Module 5


Where to show up and how to sell your brand are critically important. Learn where, when and why to show up. Learn to establish a community service platform for your brand to help you network easily.

Module 6


It’s not enough to have a brand. You must be able to communicate your brand effectively to your audience so they get you. You must also effectively negotiate your brand value in order to get what you want.

Module 7


Applying your personal brand effectively into your business/career brand is the key to a successful professional and personal life. If you don’t get this part right, your brand may feel inauthentic to your audience. You’ll learn how to use precision brand content that meshes with your professional brand, so you get seen, heard and hired.

And after the program is over, you’ll still have access for another 4 weeks so you can go back over the material again at your leisure. You’ll find the ability to review the material again is simply priceless.


I want to take you beyond just knowing and get you going right away.  I’ve thought long and hard about how I can make this offer even better, and I came up with these amazing bonuses.  Each one of them is easily worth more than the cost of the entire program.

(Value: $97)

All about helping you create and manage time in order to get your brand to shine and work for you.

(Value: $197)

Developing your core values is foundational to your brand success so you convey to others who you are and what matters to you most.

(Value: $297)

Knowing what your audience wants from you is critical so you can deliver your brand effectively to them. You’ll learn how to effectively survey and tally your survey results online.

If you add up the value of JUST the 3 bonuses, it comes to well over $600 already.

Your personal brand is your business and
now is your chance to make it shine


Join me

For the price of around 2.5 billable hours of your time, you’ll get the opportunity to create, once and for all, the type of personal brand that reflects your personal style, and brings you the ultimate results in your career and personal life.

To have your own influential, authentic brand online and in person you must think and do differently. Your life and entire outlook can rapidly elevate and excel when you commit to the Personal Branding Bootcamp.

Your No-Risk Guarantee

You have a full 14 days from the purchase date to see if Personal Branding Bootcamp is right for you. If you decide that it isn’t, just let us know and we’ll gladly refund all your money. No hassles. No hard feelings. You can’t lose.

If you’re ready to have an influential and effective brand, your next step is to click the Register Now button below and get into your Personal Branding Bootcamp.

A closing reminder...

This is about your branding. No one else’s, just your own. On the whole, our success in life hinges on our own actions. Mindset, action, persistence, and discipline.

Superior branding shows who you are. It attracts, possesses and conquers. It’s about the things you think, say, and do, and what you present to the world. It’s the world’s only representation of who you are. That’s what branding is to me, and I will show you a proven method that will work for you.

You want to get ahead, to be where you’re meant to be, to be what you know you can be, and to do what you’ve always meant to do. I guarantee that getting your branding right is the ultimate use of your time, and I’ll be there with you every step of the way.

Click the button below and join us now. This is your time, and I’d love to see you be who you truly are meant to be. A star.

You have a big decision to make. I can’t make it for you… the only thing I can do is tell you that my Personal Branding Bootcamp works. It’s worked for me, and it’s worked for thousands of my clients. Click the button now and I’ll see you inside.…

My business partner and I began our work with Katy individually in her Bootcamp. Going into that process I do not know that either of us really knew what to expect, but I know I did not expect to come out of the Bootcamp with a life long business coach/advisor! Katy has proven to be the glue that has helped our company stay together year after year! Let’s face it, whether a business partner or a spouse, it is a long-term relationship that needs work. Many business owners miss that crucial part of running a business with another person. We are all human, we change as the years go by and we grow in different ways. If you do not acknowledge the growth and shift the relationship to allow for it, you are setting yourself, and your business up for failure! I am in awe at how quickly Katy can take a very tense situation and help each of us to understand the other in a way that allows for us to move past the issues and get back to what we are really trying to do, which is run a business! I cannot recommend her services enough! Money spent on Katy’s services, whichever you choose to use, will be by FAR the best money you ever invest in your business and yourself.
– Jennifer Segura


Join The Personal Branding Bootcamp Today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you’re feeling scared, nervous or skeptical – that’s totally okay and totally normal.

It’s totally right for you to want all of the information before committing and I’m happy to answer your questions.

If you feel called to do this work and want my support to upgrade your brand mindset, I know I can help.

This is YOUR YEAR to own your fabulous-ness, increase your income with ease and grace, be seen and heard with confidence and surround yourself with others who are in your shoes.

Dive into the FAQs below and if you still have questions Click Here to message me.

I’ve guided hundreds of professionals to evolve their career, business and lives with their authentic brands.

Having your ideal practice on your terms, not working long hours, relaxing with friends and family, traveling and enjoying your hard earned money and feeling free to be you….

Whatever the big goal and whatever your version of your amazing brand and career looks like… it all starts with taking action to make this year different.

It’s your time and you’re ready for the next step

Katy has helped me get more clarity into my strengths and how best to utilize them. She has helped me define my personal brand and be aware of consistently showing up aligned with it. My success at this was reflected in a recent review that literally used adjectives to describe me that were my brand adjectives! I’ve also found her coaching about impactful communications invaluable. I have more confidence now than ever in having sometimes difficult conversations and have become more effective in marketing myself.
 – Divya Varshney, Microsoft

Your personal brand is your business and now is your chance to make it shine



This is Katy’s specialty! Katy’s curriculum is set up to ensure that if you want it, you can have all the support of the other participants, online and in-person. This is done via exercises and collaborative dialogue and in our supportive online community.

If you don’t want/need much support from the other participants/group, then Katy’s program is for you, also. She tailors the learning to cater to your needs and wants- to ensure you get exactly what works for you.

Katy offers attractive pricing on a 1:1 meeting package, just you with Katy, to individualize the learning exactly for you and your branding goal.

Katy suggests you seriously consider the 1:1 meetings to individualize the program, especially at the reduced pricing.

Great question! It’s common to experience hesitation as you grow and do the self-work. That’s how you know the program is working- you are changing and growing and expanding your boundaries- and that naturally comes with some slow starts.

Katy is always guiding participants with this very natural part of the program. Just email or call her and she’ll walk you through that moment and you’ll hit the ground running again. Simple and easy.

Each module is released on Monday, allowing you  to watch and learn on your own time and at your own speed.

Don’t have time to watch the module for that week? No worries. You have access to all the modules for 4 weeks after the program ends, so you can always go back and catch up or re-watch at your own pace.

I’m darn sure you’ll love it, but just in case you don’t…

— .no worries at all, because I have an iron-clad guarantee that makes this a 100% no risk investment.

If, after two weeks in Bootcamp and our community, you decide that it’s not for you, just let me know and I’ll refund 100% of your tuition – no questions asked, no hard feelings, nothing but well wishes. That’s how confident I am in the quality of this program!

I want you to feel so good about making this investment in yourself and your future, though. So if you try it out and it isn’t for you, so be it.

Join now and feel confident in your decision with my 14-Day guarantee.


(Value: $97)

All about helping you create and manage time in order to get your brand to shine and work for you.

(Value: $197)

Developing your core values is foundational to your brand success so you convey to others who you are and what matters to you most.

(Value: $297)

Knowing what your audience wants from you is critical so you can deliver your brand effectively to them. You’ll learn how to effectively survey and tally your survey results online.

If you’ve been looking for a good excuse to join and change your practice and life for the better, NOW is the time my friend!

Your personal brand is your business and
now is your chance to make it shine


What the others are saying...

Miranda Gottlieb

“One of the biggest takeaways so far in our work together has been owning my adjectives. I am constantly pitching myself. Being able to tell my story and hit the different points by weaving in the adjectives helps me to stay focused, on track and compelling.”

Silvina Tondini

“Katy transformed my ability to understand that my personal and professional life perfectly join and are a match. This transformation, opened lots of doors for me.”

Roya Hough

“Katy’s program taught me about who I am, how I serve my business and vice versa. Working 1:1 with Katy allowed me to find my own values and how those values reflect in my business and my entire life for optimal results. Now my business is truly mine- not just a job or a title.”

Your personal brand is your business and now is your chance to make it shine


Jodi Donato

“Katy helped me discover my personal brand in order to be able to market my brand and legal practice to my ideal clients. My biggest aha! moment was learning how to intentionally own my brand.”

Arcelia Magana

“Katy’s program helped me maximize my natural talents, build a stronger personal and professional brand and strengthen my relationships.”

Sandra Murado

“Katy helped me better understand how my message and values came across in my brand. This allowed me to align my values to my practice. Now I feel like I truly own who I am and get my message out to be the best version of myself, personally and for my clients.”

Your personal brand is your business and
now is your chance to make it shine