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A Few Clients I’ve Worked With

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Whole Person:

We’re all born whole and complete. Over time, we lose our authenticity and power. We leave our human at home when we go to work. We lose our connection and happiness and purpose. Too much process kills culture and authenticity. Competition kills authenticity. I believe everyone should show up as their “Whole Person” brand wherever they go, being authentic and finding your natural talent and truth and speaking up to message and share it with the right market and audience. Why? You’ll be more successful, less stressed, live your purpose and be happier.

How I Can Support You

Head: I have done my research and bring statistics and data to back up my teachings. Enough to satisfy any left-brained thinker.

Heart: I changed careers to be of service to my clients. I’ve been in my clients’ stressful shoes and know it well. I truly care and want my clients to succeed and reach their full potential in life using my materials.

Complete Package: With me you get the business strategist and experienced board level executive PLUS, you also get the organizational design, human/employee, emotionally driven experience I have understanding what sells, branding, and marketing of people and organizations.

I’m a Woman! There’s lots of male consultants. They may do similar things to me. My business is certified as a women-owned business. Your organization can’t afford to not hire diverse suppliers like me- from a substantive and marketing/press perspective.

Learn To Be Adaptable, Handle Change & Growth. Guaranteed.

Transformation comes from growth. Organizational and personal growth depend on successful leadership and adapting to change. Organic, sustainable growth needs to be deliberate and measured. Grow Your Organization.

Present A Clear, Consistent Brand With Ease

Everyone has a special brand based on their natural talents. Transformation is an exciting journey and I have a proven process for successful personal and professional brand development. Learn Our Process.

Who Is Katy?

I am more than a Personal Branding Coach, I see greatness and natural talent in everyone. I’m an expert in change, growth, and transformation. I’m your biggest cheerleader. I guide you in achieving your goals. See Katy’s Journey


  • “Digging into my natural talents and learning how to translate this brand has given me the courage to take the leap of faith and find a career that highlights my natural talents and brand.”


  • “Katy’s teachings continues to help me grow my business with a reputation which people respect and realize, as I appreciate, my clients are an extension of me. Utilizing Katy’s methods, which includes keeping my personal brand congruent with the culture and practices of my business, has enabled me to grow personally and professionally—including the growth of my client list by tenfold.”


  • “Katy has an amazing natural ability for guiding her clients to identify their uniqueness. The material is already within us and she brings it to the surface so we can communicate it clearly with others. It is a relatively fast process and I wish I started this work years ago.She believes in endless possibilities for my business and in life. She is the energy and light we all need in business.”


  • “Working with Katy on my branding helped me to better understand my natural talents. I already knew I enjoyed my work, but now I understand why. I incorporate these insights into every conversation which has made a huge difference in my ability to attract the right clients. Her work is invaluable to business people and companies at all levels and sizes.”


  • “The most helpful takeaway for me is to have gained a future view of possibilities based on my strengths and interests that are in fact, my brand.”


  • “Katy helped me to define my business and personal brand, develop a marketing plan, and develop my unique selling proposition. I was able to take the information and have a logo and website created and launched. I have consistently received about 3-5 new clients each month. Amazing and well worth the investment.”


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Human Centered Decision-Making Using Emotional Resonance Factor®.

In this piece, Katy explores how harnessing the human beings that we are makes for the best results in effective decision-making; at work and personally. The impact can be seen across countries in order to bring so much good to the world. GET IT NOW!

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