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Thank you, Katy!

Clients share their experiences gained from working with Katy

My business partner and I began our work with Katy individually in her Bootcamp. Going into that process I do not know that either of us really knew what to expect, but I know I did not expect to come out of Bootcamp with a life long business coach/advisor! Katy has proven to be the glue that has helped our company stay together year after year! Let’s face it, whether a business partner or a spouse, it is a long-term relationship that needs work. Many business owners miss that crucial part of running a business with another person. We are all human, we change as the years go by and we grow in different ways. If you do not acknowledge the growth and shift the relationship to allow for it, you are setting yourself, and your business up for failure! I am in awe at how quickly Katy can take a very tense situation and help each of us to understand the other in a way that allows for us to move past the issues and get back to what we are really trying to do, which is run a business! I cannot recommend her services enough! Money spent on Katy’s services, whichever you choose to use, will be by FAR the best money you ever invest into your business and yourself.

Jennifer Segura, JD
Founder and principal mediator of the San Diego Family Mediation Center