How To Become My Authentic Self
 Your Body, Your Time, Your Path to Freedom
Your Time Is Now.
If you want to give yourself an effortless blessing that sets you up for a better new year, then join me.

Do yourself this favor.  This is meant to be effortless, relieving you of any worries.

Women: You give and give and give.  It's time for you to receive something for your loving heart and peace of mind.

Men: Your giving is often not understood, definitely not acknowledged at times neither.

Regardless of your gender, there’s a calling for your life.  There’s a purpose to your life.  Your life is meant to be fun, lively and slower than it is these days.

Recognizing your bodies unlimited potential and the powers you have allows you to support others and be stronger as a group.

Come to clarity and confidence around who you are, your body’s capacity and your power to create your best life.

Wherever you are in your life right now is ok.   It's more than ok.  It's meant to be what it is.

You can be part of a healing process and provide valuable services the world needs right now to really live your purpose.

Historically, women have given and given of themselves (without any consideration to receiving) as wives, mothers, daughters, caregivers, friends, colleagues, executives, healers, entertainers and more.

Historically, men give but are not understood for giving and not acknowledged for it, either.

For women and men- it doesn’t happen easily if you are not supported and at YOUR best- physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.


  • You see your physical body get stronger- leaner, more muscles, more flexible
  • You manage difficult people and conflict with ease and grace
  • You have deep clarity about who you are and deep power around how to express yourself
  • You make precise decisions that are of highest good for you and those you love
  • You are in control of your emotions and use them to your benefit
  • You get a full night’s sleep, waking up healthy and restored.
  • You are happier and have more freedom in your life. 
This is NOT just a dream.
This is all possible.
You deserve it.
My mission is to guide you to make this a reality in your world.
As an immigrant, former securities lawyer, branding expert, trainer and coach, what worked in the first half of my life and career wasn’t working the older I got.  I have weathered many changes starting from being new to the US at the age of six.

I had to learn English from scratch in first grade.  The stress of this was extreme, plus being different than other kids.  It was difficult being accepted as a refugee.

Then there was my divorce and my parents passing. There was more. Changing careers was a wakeup call.  Breast cancer really signaled an awakening as I came to a deep awareness of my body, my ability to use my emotions to succeed (personally and professionally) and how to trust my intuition to make the best decisions for me- including how to brand and sell myself online and in-person to my audience.

Science has shown what we need to live longer, freer, stronger lives.  I’ve found the formula that works. Join me and my colleague who assists me, Athena Masters, LMFT, for your benefit.
I want what
she has now
If I did this, you can do this. I’ve gone through the tall grass and pushed it down, and now I’m here to help you with your very own steps. If you are saying, “I want what she has now”, know that it is absolutely 100% possible. You only need to commit and take steps to grow. Even if it takes you 6 months, no matter what, time will go by. What are you going to do with the time, regardless?
Science shows that self-awareness increases your
self-confidence everytime.
This program is for you if you:
Are looking to change or grow your career
Have experienced change like divorce, job changes or health concern
Are curious about how your body and emotions work together; have emotional triggers
Have wondered what else there is to life and the alternative beliefs that exist about life
Want to be in control of your health, longevity, happiness and career
Are willing to try on something new and be open-minded to succeed in your life
This program is NOT for you if you:
Manage all the changes in your life with ease and grace alone
Have no need to grow your career or change your life for the better
Do not make time for yourself and your growth
Are not open to seeing the world in a different way that could change your life for the better
Don’t prioritize you, your health and healing.

Experience how others have emerged:
"Working with Katy has given me an important space to reflect. As a result of our sessions, I now have a north star to measure everything by, so my activities and desires are focused and specific. I ask myself, "Does this activity/request/action align with my goals, who I am and who I want to be? Do I want to do that?" I then have the clarity to say “no” or “yes” and own it."
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Jennifer Cocohoba
"Thanks to Katy I have great insight into the one area I have struggled with and that is how to "codify" outward my differentiated skill set as an attorney...and human being."
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Dave Seitter, JD
"Katy's bootcamp class helped me refine my negotiation skills. I was able to immediately implement some tools and tricks she taught me which resulted in a fast and amicable settlement for my client. She gave practical and tangible advice that I can use in all aspects of my life. Thank you for all the work that you do! "
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Annie Tsai Greenleaf
"Thank you so very much for the workshop. I have experienced a return to myself again for which I'm deeply grateful. Your leadership, presence and exquisite intuitive guidance are extraordinary. I so appreciate the depth of experience that you bring to your work."
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"Katy has helped me get more clarity into my strengths and how best to utilize them. She has helped me define my personal brand and be aware of consistently showing up aligned with it. My success at this was reflected in a recent review that literally used adjectives to describe me that were my brand adjectives! I’ve also found her coaching about impactful communications invaluable. I have more confidence now than ever in having sometimes difficult conversations and have become more effective in marketing myself."
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Divya Varshney
Emerge as your authentic self now.

Unearthing and activating our authentic self takes time and energy.  I know you are really busy. That’s why I’m bringing the foundation to you in two days LIVE and in-person in an intimate, safe, confidential workshop in our San Diego, California training space.

Do yourself this favor.  This is meant to be effortless, relieving you of any worries.

All you need to give is 8 hours total over Saturday and Sunday (1/28/2023 - 1/29/2023).

Any other in-person workshop would cost three times as much, if not more, for this content and amount of time in person.  I've reasonably priced this workshop because I want to be of real service and make sure you can attend.  You are worth it.

By attending and actively participating you will change,  unearth and activate for your highest good:

  • The three types of “bodies” you have and how to use your emotions to your benefit
  • How to make the best decisions for yourself, your loved ones and career/business and turn your learnings into a stellar brand that sells you authentically and easily, anywhere at any time